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Competency Mapping is a process of identifying key competencies for an organization and/or a job and incorporating those competencies throughout the various processes (i.e. job evaluation, training, recruitment) of the organization.

It’s also a process of discovering the specific skills, knowledge, capabilities, and behaviors required to operate efficiently in a specific business, profession, or job position. We have developed competency maps for many industries such as Information technology, Manufacturing, Café Chains and many more. We can develop customized competency according to the client’s needs and our competency maps are professional, behavioral and technical. Avail Probitty’s expert services for your Corporate needs and stay stress free with right competencies mapped by us.

Organograms and Role Definition, in other words Organizational Chart outlines the structure of authority, responsibility, and accountability of the facilities, programs, & company. The intent of the organizational chart is to illustrate the “Chain of Command” between the Board of Directors, Executive Director, and all other administrators, directors, managers, supervisors, specialists, & assistants. They can be tailored to meet the needs of the organization, and may contain information such as the job titles, names, or areas of responsibility for the staff. Probitty’s clear and precise role definitions consist of chain of command, competencies required in performing organizational duties and other relevant definition for corporate success. Rely on our experience to get the right organizational chart for you.

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