Our team of experienced Business analysts not only ensures high quality documentation and services to enhance your idea, we also ensure that each plan is customized to the client’s business. At Probitty, we always work one-on-one with our clients to strategically address business pointers. You will be assigned to an expert who will be helping you to create the perfect business plan.

In order to fulfill your requirement, you need to fill a questionnaire which covers most of the topics required as an input for your Business plan. The Probitty questionnaire involves Company’s needs and business description etc. These questions act as a starting point for our project. If we need more information, our team will reach out to you.

Probitty experts have several business planning packages. Each package is developed keeping in mind the scale of the business and the purpose of the business plan. We provide affordable pricing for extremely competitive business plans. If you need help with choosing the right package, please feel free to reach one of our experts. We are available 24 x 7 to support your queries.

For a quick understanding on business plan’s content, please refer our samples.

We generally get paid in advance with full payment for an easier process. Probitty is dealing with multinational clients, therefore upfront payment is always helpful for both the parties. If needed, we can accommodate two separate payments: First payment of 80% of the fee while signing the contract and the rest of the 20% payment before delivery of the 1st draft.

Probitty ensures that each plan is customized to the client’s business needs. All business plans are developed from scratch by us. We do not use any templates. A cookie cutter business plan developed through templates are not professional enough. Our business plans are based on the robust framework that we have identified based on years of consulting experience and industry standards. The sections of the business plan may have a certain structure, but the content and subsections are completely customized based on the business needs.

Our business plan contains graphs and charts and some pictures. A design business plan is an aesthetically enticing version of the same with artwork, pictures, background and comes out as a visual layout.

Each Plan is about 20 to 35 pages long comprises of financial tables, graphs with aesthetic layout.

Probitty will develop the business plan with the first draft for your review within 15 business days from the submission of the questionnaire. However, it can be delivered within 7 business days at an additional cost.

There are many factors which are considered while applying for financial support/ get funding from the institution such as, strategy experience, industry, risk, credit, competitors, and overall business model. Business plan document is a typical requirement for banking or lending institution to assess your company’s strength of the business. A business plan shows the lending institution that you have taken the time and effort in researching your business model or concept. Without a written plan your business is recognized as not planned and therefore a high risk of unfavorable feedback.

If it is a new model & strategy with new services, then it is considered as new business plan. If there are some variations to the product and services, we can still accommodate in your business plan. For instance, you are developing business plan with us for a café business, and you need changes to add some additional services or products or a new product relating to café business, this is still considered appropriate to be included. However, if you make changes in your business model from Café to Coffee Vending machine wholesale, it’s challenging to accommodate the changes, because we need to change the entire characteristics of a Business plan such as research, customers, target audience etc. which is treated as a new business plan altogether. Therefore, you need to be clear with your business, product & services.

Once we deliver the draft Biz Plan, we encourage you to go through the draft business plan thoroughly and provide us with a feedback. Based on your feedback our business analysts will have discussion on your remarks and mutually agree to modify the drafts. Based on our experience there will be two to three rounds of reviews. Once you are happy with your Business plan, we will sign off the review stage and your final version of business plan will be delivered to you.

We always protect the privacy of the firm/Individual. Non- disclosure agreement is part of our company’s strategy to ensure that your information is protected.

We are a group of expert business analysts’ professionals who have cross domain experience across different industries and verticals and dealt with trusted clients from startups to large corporations across the globe, delivering realistic materials for funding and investments at an affordable cost. Having said that, we believe in integrity, pride ourselves with outstanding customer service, understand your time sensitive business goals and cater to your individual needs.

Much like our Business Plans services, our other Strategic Services also follow the same guidelines, and requirements needed to deliver for your business’ needs. However, the Probitty’s delivery timelines will vary for Strategic Services which may depend on Client’s projects’ requirements and specifications and defined accordingly.

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