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Your chance to differentiate yourself is through the statement of work.

The unpredictable process of forming business relations can be streamlined by arming yourself with the necessary knowledge and resources. And one of the most effective and underrated resources is a Statement of Work (SOW).

A statement of work (SoW) is a document routinely employed in the field of project management. It defines project-specific activities, deliverables and timelines for a vendor providing services to the client. SOW may sound like something only large companies should use, but they are increasingly important for small business owners as well. The SOW is to an agreement on work what a personal guarantee is to a loan. A SOW will define clear expectations with your client, including everything for which both you and the client are responsible. With a SOW, you know exactly what services or items you’ll need to produce for your client and when. You’ll also know what constitutes “good work” based on the acceptance criteria you and your client agreed upon.

Probitty documents your SOW by setting the right expectations, avoiding scope creep, and avoiding billing squabbles and help you track, manage and measure your success through increased adaption of projects.

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